Corporate Events

Improve group camaraderie, leadership, strategic thinking, teamwork & much more!

People are the biggest assets of any company. Therefore, commitment to their jobs and the company is crucial to success on so many levels. Equally, for any company to succeed, business to business relationships must be developed and maintained.

Treating our partners and key customers to a fun day out can pay huge dividends. Equally, in-house training using karting as a catalyst can positively influence teamwork and individual commitment.

  • Skill Development:

    • Leadership
    • Planning
    • Strategy
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Winning

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Recommended Packages

  • Ultimate Team Challenge

    For building and consolidating team working in-house and amongst key suppliers and customers. Specifically for corporate groups, the 'Team Challenge' meets all key team objectives.

  • Individual Glory Grand Prix

    Grand Prix fosters a fierce competitive spirit as it is about every man or woman for themselves with only three drivers making it to the winners podium. Popular with sales teams and inter-company competitions to foster a 'winner takes all' mentality.

  • Guaranteed Safety

    • All sites have valid public liability insurance (copies provided on request)
    • All sites have copies of risk assessments (copies provided on request)
  • Organiser Help

    • Assistance with transport requirements
    • Advice on best site to go to and best packages to book
    • Tailored timings to suit your group (weekdays only)
  • On Site Safety

    • Full safety briefing for all players
    • Fully trained marshals supervising at all times